“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
– Alan Kay

Sustainability expert, strategist, designer & entrepreneur

Pleased to meet you

I work for two decades with a passion in pioneering sustainable development. In this time, I’ve seen many people in responsible positions struggling in the rapid developments of this new age.

My journeys and more than 700 projects across five continents brought me to see with new eyes how sustainable business, governance, urban development, design, and innovative industry works. New approaches such as circularity, resilience strategies, and the sharing economy help to achieve long term results with short term benefits, but they require a deep understanding in order to yield positive results, and by themselves, they are not enough.

I’ve enjoyed working alongside the strategic members of several multinationals, governments, and institutions. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience in any ambitious and eager professional that seeks to transcend incremental improvement towards true systemic change.

Tom Bosschaert


The first Symbiosis in Development (SiD) book now available in hardcover and digital PDF.

After 10 years in the making, I published the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) book. It is a complete handbook from A to Z in sustainable development, from theory and strategy to practical implementation, with experience from 700 projects worldwide. 

SiD creates a complete language and backbone structure for all aspects associated with sustainable development. This includes systems thinking, the circular economy, natural capital, climate adaptation, and true value costing. Its method combines design thinking with a practical co-creation methods. SiD’s process tools allow a team to innovate new, groundbreaking solutions from A to Z. It connects a wide range of sustainability approaches, including the circular economy, the blue economy, natural capital, design thinking, the Sustainable Development Goals, co-creation, biomimicry, and Impact Design.

The book is released in a limited edition hardcover of 468 pages. It’s carefully designed and made and to live a long life, made from 100% FSC, non-toxic inks, and renewable energy printing techniques.

The hardcover can be purchased, and the PDF can be downloaded for free, on the ThinkSiD.org website.

My Organizations and Initiatives

Over the years I’ve initiated a variety of organizations and companies. Below some of my favorites.For a more comprehensive list, see the About & CV section.


Except is a consultancy and innovation agency for integrated sustainable development, since 1999.

The Except Foundation is a non-profit supporting fundamental sustainable initiatives.

Symbiosis in Development is an open source framework for integrated sustainable development.

UCo is a community and co-working space for 200 sustainable entrepreneurs in Utrecht


Polydome is a concept for sustainable, high yield agriculture.

Urban Renaissance is an approach for long term sustainable redevelopment of cities and neighborhoods.

Detroit UR is an application project of UR in Detroit, USA.

Ro-Co is a collaboration and work space for socially engaged entrepreneurs in Rotterdam since 2011.

Clients & Partners