“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
– Alan Kay

Sustainability expert, strategist, designer & entrepreneur

Pleased to meet you

I work for two decades with a passion in pioneering sustainable development. In this time, I’ve seen many people in responsible positions struggling in the rapid developments of this new age.

My journeys and projects across five continents brought me to see with new eyes how sustainable business, governance, urban development, design, and innovative industry works. Now, I enjoy working with leaders that want to help craft new positive futures.

Tom Bosschaert

The new strategy: from growth to resilience

In the ever faster changing world of today, building a strategy based on just trends and standard risk analysis is a recipe for failure. We see it happen all around us. Most of what used to be the big organizations twenty years ago, telecom, high tech industry, trade, banking, are now in mid-field, or even forgotten. The world is changing faster than ever before, but our insight has not always kept up. And, we struggle to make sense of the complexity of the changes and challenges before us.

We’ve seen for a while; the old way of working is defunct. The only way to create successful projects and business is not to focus on growth anymore, but on a vision that creates resilience and long term societal value. Growth will come when this is achieved. The best way the brightest minds have figured out how to do this is though systems thinking. And with systems thinking, you too can understand, unravel, and contribute to a positive change to yourself, your organization, city, country, and the world.

Shifting definitions of success

The most successful individuals and organizations work with a broader understanding of how value is born within society. Value in the broad sense. No longer are things just about who owns the most. Power is distributing. Ownership is distributing. Agency is distributing…

New approaches such as circularity, resilience, and the sharing economy help to achieve long term results with short term benefits. But they require a deep understanding in order to yield positive results.

I’ve enjoyed working alongside the strategic members of several multinationals, governments, and institutions. For those that understand that no one person can go about this alone, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience, here on this website, and in person to anyone that contacts me.

My Organizations and Initiatives

Over the years I’ve initiated a variety of organizations and companies. Below some of my favorites.For a more comprehensive list, see the About & CV section.


Except is a consultancy and innovation agency for integrated sustainable development, since 1999.

The Except Foundation is a non-profit supporting fundamental sustainable initiatives.

Symbiosis in Development is an open source framework for integrated sustainable development.

UCo is a community and co-working space for 200 sustainable entrepreneurs in Utrecht


Polydome is a concept for sustainable, high yield agriculture.

Urban Renaissance is an approach for long term sustainable redevelopment of cities and neighborhoods.

Detroit UR is an application project of UR in Detroit, USA.

Ro-Co is a collaboration and work space for socially engaged entrepreneurs in Rotterdam since 2011.

Clients & Partners