A Battle Cry For Future Heroes

Sustainability is about the continued and worthwhile survival of people on this planet. Reducing it to anything less, is not only factually wrong, it is actively contributing to reducing our chances to achieve it. Who are the heroes that thanklessly work to save our children from a miserable future and mass death?  Anyone advocating that ... More

Natural Capital Innovation Strategies

The following article was written as a response to questions to my keynote speech on the 2014 Natural Capital World Forum in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The land we grow our food on, water that flows through it, animals and plants living in this environment, and the oceans - the birthplace of life. This, and more, is our natural capital; the ... More

UN Article: Dawn of the inner city micro community

This article was published in the  UN Magazine Forum.  They asked me to reflect on the UN's 11th sustainability goal  concerning cities. It was published in February of 2017 in the Forum magazine. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by cities. One of my first memories is of visiting Paris. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the ... More